Event report (Sagamihara International Festival 2023)

Sagamihara International Festival 2023

*Added ``Status of the day''. (2024.1.31)

 “Sagamihara International Exchange Festival” was held on October 2023, 10. We would like to express our gratitude to the many people who came to our event under the theme of ``Building Bridges to the World'' and for making it a successful conclusion.

 At the festival, the national characteristics of foreign countries are introduced, incorporating food and history, and participants walk and dance on stage like a fashion show while wearing ethnic costumes, as well as perform authentic ethnic music. As I watch and listen to them, I realize that even though their culture and history are different from Japan, their splendor is something to behold.

 In the sweets-making class from each country, children happily move their hands and look forward to eating them. In the world play, they can experience the unique fun of each country. In the learning class, they learn about Chinese poetry, Chinese tying, and more. A very enjoyable time was provided through a variety of programs.

 In addition, a special stage was set up outdoors, and the enjoyment was felt by the people singing, including choruses, light music, light music from the Andes region, and traditional Okinawan music.

 "Sagamihara International Lounge" is an organization of Sagamihara City that disseminates administrative information of Sagamihara City and various information about daily life to foreigners living in Sagamihara City. Anyone who has one can visit the museum, so it is a place where many people can visit not only during this festival, but also at any time.

State of the day

Onokita Community Center venue entrance
Signboard installed at the entrance
Tent setup
Assembling tents for food and beverage sales
Reception in front of the lounge
Banner in front of the community center
Visit famous places around the world with coloring books
fair trade bazaar
Kyowa Junior High School Choir Club
Children's craft class, paper cup kendama
English drama/song/speech
Disaster prevention awareness panel display
Making snacks from around the world
annual hula dance
Chinese knot experience
Introduction of ethnic costumes by language staff
Drinks of the world/Cup noodles of the world
Performance by ukulele band
Panel discussion on multicultural coexistence
peruvian music
Argentine tango performance
Introduction to Benin
Peruvian folk dance
Peruvian folk dance
Peruvian folk dance
fair trade bazaar
Speech at “Japanese Plaza”
Okinawa Eisa (Sakura style Eisa Ryukyu windmill)