interpreter translation request

At the lounge, we carry out the following interpreting and translation activities in order to create a community where both foreigners and Japanese living in the city can live comfortably.However, we cannot accept requests for commercial, religious or political purposes.

  1. Dispatch volunteer interpreters to city halls, schools, hospitals, etc.
  2. Translation of information provided by city halls, schools, hospitals, etc.
  3. Interpretation and translation at the personal request of foreigners living in the city (content essential for daily life)

*The interpreters and translators dispatched by the Sagamihara International Lounge are volunteers, not professionals.
・Volunteers and the Sagamihara International Lounge cannot be held responsible for any troubles that may occur with regard to interpretation or translation.
・Volunteers and Sagamihara International Lounge cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by interpretation or translation.

How to apply

If you are a foreigner living in the city and would like to request an interpreter or translator, please consult with the lounge staff in person or by phone.At that time, we will ask you for your name, phone number, email, required language, request content, etc.In the case of translation, it is also necessary to submit interpretation documents.We may not be able to respond to sudden requests, so please allow at least one week for your request.

・Interpreter Volunteer Dispatch Coordination Request Form → word format ,PDF

Multilingual Request Form (Word format): English,Chinese ,Portuguese,Spanish,Filipino,Cambodian,Vietnamese

・Translation Volunteer Coordination Request Form → word format ,PDF

・Interpretation/translation report → word format ,PDF

Languages ​​that can be interpreted/translated

7 languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, Cambodian and Vietnamese.There are other languages ​​that can be interpreted/translated for volunteers' convenience.

Fee (tax included)

  1. Administrative interpreter fee: 2000 yen per session.Sagamihara City will bear the costs.
  2. Medical interpreting and other interpreting costs: 2000 yen for one session within Sagamihara city, 3000 yen for outside Sagamihara city.In principle, it will be borne by the requester.
    However, in principle, interpretation by lounge staff during working hours in the lounge is free of charge.
  3. Translation fee: 2000 yen per page (approximately 800 characters in Japanese)

cancellation charge

If the volunteer interpreter dispatch is canceled on the day of dispatch due to reasons attributable to the requester of the interpreter, the cost bearer will pay a cancellation fee equivalent to 1/2 of the amount specified above. shall be