Lounge overview

What is Sagamihara International Lounge?

Sagamihara International Lounge carries out various projects such as "supporting foreign citizens," "providing information in multiple languages," and "implementing international exchange projects" in order to create a comfortable environment where Japanese and foreigners can live together. Masu.

lounge activities

The main activities of the lounge are "support for foreigners," "information provision," and "international exchange."
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Support for foreign citizens
【Interpretation and translation】

We dispatch volunteer interpreters to public institutions such as schools and hospitals.I do translations for foreign citizens.


Counseling activities (lifestyle, counseling, etc.) for foreign citizens are conducted in 7 languages.

[Disaster prevention]

We conduct disaster prevention training and disaster drills for foreign citizens.We also provide interpreting and translation services in the event of a disaster.


We hold Japanese classes for foreign citizens and children's learning classes.

Providing information
【home page】

The website provides information such as introductions to lounge activities in Japanese + 7 languages.

International Exchange

We will introduce cultures and traditions from around the world through various events.
・Sagamihara International Exchange Festival
・Japanese Speech Contest “Nihongo no Hiroba”        
・World Plaza, a place for interaction with foreigners

[International understanding class]

At the request of schools, public halls, etc., we offer classes to introduce different cultures.

【Cultural exchange】

1) 7 languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese, Cambodian

Facilities in the lounge


We have prepared three desks in the open space for anyone to use.It can be used for small meetings and consultations.
There is also a nearby information bulletin board that provides information about events in and outside the city, as well as information from citizens.

Consultation corner

It is a corner where you can consult without worrying about the surroundings, separated by partitions.


We have books related to learning Japanese for foreign citizens residing in the city, books useful for living in Japan, dictionaries, maps, books related to international exchange, pamphlets of related organizations, etc.

lounge entrance
near the bookshelf
Near the consultation corner