When disaster strikes

"Disaster Prevention" Guide (When a Disaster Occurs)

[What should I do when there is a big earthquake, when a typhoon or storm is approaching? ]

I.What is the impact of disasters? (Transportation, electricity/gas, evacuation methods, etc.)

You can get information about disasters through broadcasts, telephones, TVs, computers, and tablets.Sagamihara City reports on disasters through “Skylark Broadcasting”. Hibari Broadcast informs residents who need to evacuate <evacuate to a safe place> about evacuation sites <safe places>.

How to listen to skylark broadcasting

When listening by phone, use "telephone service"


When watching on TV, "TV Kanagawa - data broadcasting"

While pressing the d button on the remote control on the TVK (TV Kanagawa) screen, press the green button "My Town Information".Select Disaster Prevention Hibari Broadcasting from the displayed page dedicated to Sagamihara City.

FM HOT 839 (FM Sagami)

FM broadcast, 83.9MHz

When viewing on a computer,

"Sagamihara City Home Page"ThanClick on Hibari Broadcast

When receiving e-mail on a mobile phone or computer,

"Sagamihara City Disaster Prevention Mail Magazine"
Send an empty email to entry-sagamihara@bousai-mail.jp to pre-register

II.Where can foreigners consult?

"Sagamihara International Lounge" provides consultation services for foreigners. If you don't know what to do or are having trouble, please consult us.

Consultation desk for foreigners

Sagamihara International Lounge 042-750-4150