Multilingual medical questionnaire

Tuberculosis questionnaire multilingual version

Publication of tuberculosis examination questionnaire multilingual version (XNUMX languages)

Tuberculosis is not a disease of the past.With the improvement of medical care and living standards, we have entered an era where we can be completely cured by taking medicine, but it is a modern disease.It is still a serious infectious disease in Japan, with 50 new cases a day and five deaths. (From materials of the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Foundation)

Last year, the Sagamihara International Exchange Lounge held a “Free Consultation for Foreigners & Tuberculosis Screening”.For the event, we created a multilingual version of the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire (XNUMX languages).

We received inquiries asking if we could use this questionnaire, so we decided to publish it on our website for everyone to use.I would be honored if I could help many people connected to foreign countries.

This multilingual medical questionnaire is free to use, but it is prohibited to use it for commercial purposes.
Also, please be aware that the Sagamihara International Lounge Management Organization does not take any legal responsibility for any problems arising from the use of this material.

July 2017, 7 Sagamihara International Lounge Management Organization

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