Sagamihara International Lounge's operations are carried out in collaboration with volunteers.
If you are interested, please feel free to join us at any time.

Volunteer type

Volunteer interpreter/volunteer translator
・Cooperating with interpreter dispatch and translation [Interpretation and Translation Subcommittee]
 Responding to dispatch of interpreters or translations based on requests from city administrative agencies or foreign residents.
・Cooperating with support for foreigners during disasters [Interpretation and Translation Subcommittee]
 Based on requests from the city, interpreters and translators are provided at Sagamihara International Lounge, etc. in the event of a disaster.
・Cooperate with the project
 Practical training sessions will be held for interpreter and translator volunteers at Sagamihara International Lounge.

Business cooperation volunteer

・Cooperate with learning support [Learning Support Subcommittee]
 At Sagamihara International Lounge, we regularly support the studies of foreign residents, as well as support students regarding their studies or further education.
 Something that responds to consultation.
・Cooperating with international exchange [International Exchange Subcommittee]
 Exchange meetings between foreign residents and Japanese people are held regularly. We also offer courses to promote international understanding among citizens and to foreign residents.
 A course that teaches about Japanese lifestyle habits.
・Cooperate in disseminating information [Information Dissemination Subcommittee]
 Participating in the Sagamihara International Lounge project and creating an introductory article.
 Suggestions regarding the content of information dissemination at Sagamihara International Lounge.
・Cooperate in disaster prevention awareness [Disaster Prevention Awareness Subcommittee]
 This program provides training and information dissemination aimed at raising disaster prevention awareness among foreign residents.

subcommittees, etc.

Those who have registered as project cooperation volunteers and those who have registered as volunteer interpreters or translators who are willing to cooperate with the project are invited to participate in a subcommittee organized by the city to discuss the details of the project and to assist in the operation of the project. We will ask for your cooperation.
Subcommittee meetings are held regularly at Sagamihara International Lounge for business preparation.
In addition, those who have registered as interpreter volunteers or translator volunteers and who are willing to cooperate in supporting foreigners in the event of a disaster will be asked to participate in disaster drills organized by the city.

How to register

Please submit the volunteer registration/renewal application form to Sagamihara International Lounge.
(Send email to:sil@city.sagamihara.kanagawa.jp
After a 6-month volunteer experience period, you will be registered after an interview and identification documents.