Coffee Break (Monthly Report) April 2024 issue

Marshall Elliott Ginsler Viner Exchange Coordinator

Sagamihara Citizen Cherry Blossom Festival, Miyazaki Trip

Hello. This is Marshall Elliott Ginsler Viner of Sagamihara International Lounge. The season has finally arrived when you can go out in just a light jacket, but how are you spending your time?

In Japan, April is the season when school starts and cherry blossoms bloom, but in Toronto, Canada, school starts in September. You can see cherry blossoms in parks and universities in Toronto, but unlike the Kanto region, the best time to see them is from late April to early May. By the way, on April 6th and 7th, I participated in the 51st Sagamihara Citizen Cherry Blossom Festival as a staff member at the Canadian booth. I was happy that so many people enjoyed Canadian sweets, maple syrup, and the hockey experience. I am also glad that I was able to experience the cherry blossom festival in full bloom for the first time.

In mid-April, I went on a three-day, two-night trip to Miyazaki. We rented a car and went around Aoshima Shrine, Takachiho Gorge, and Kunimigaoka Observation Deck. I wasn't used to driving a right-hand drive car for the first time, so I often had to turn on the wiper before turning on the turn signal. For someone like me who usually lives in the city, traveling by car in a rural area was refreshing and fun. Aoshima Shrine and Udo Shrine were beautiful with red torii gates and main shrines that stood out against the green of the trees and the blue of the sea. Takachiho Gorge and Kunimigaoka Observation Deck were very impressive. The food in Miyazaki was also delicious. The Miyazaki beef I ate in Takachiho was tender and juicy. The authentic chicken nanban that I had always wanted was definitely on a different level. The local dish called ``hiyashiru'' that I learned about on my last day was also delicious.

Golden week is almost here. Everyone, please take care of yourself and enjoy your holidays!

Below are photos of the cherry blossom festival and Miyazaki. Please take a look.

City Hall Sakura Street
Qingdao Shrine
Kunimigaoka Observatory
Takachiho Gorge