Coffee Break (Monthly Report) December 2023 issue

Marshall Elliott Ginsler Viner Exchange Coordinator

International exchange class at elementary school

Hello. This is Marshall Elliott Ginzler Viner from the International Lounge. This year, we are getting closer and closer. How are you all doing?

In early December, I participated in an international exchange class held at Chuo Elementary School with foreigners living in Sagamihara City. In a large gymnasium, foreign participants first set up booths about their home countries, and elementary school students went around the booths, experiencing games from various countries, hearing directly from foreigners, and learning from others. I learned a lot about the country. Afterwards, we foreigners visited the booths set up by elementary school students to introduce Japanese games and culture, and learned a lot about Japanese culture. I was impressed by the efforts, preparations, work styles, and attitudes of the elementary school students. I saw the elementary school students actively and politely guiding the foreigners and actively listening to the foreign participants' questions about their countries, and I thought that Sagamihara's future is bright. As a side note, I was given school lunch at my elementary school, and it was very delicious. When I was a student, there was no school lunch system, but I wish all schools in Canada had one.

2024 is almost here, so what are you looking forward to during the year-end and New Year holidays? For me, the fun of the New Year is spending time with family and friends. I hope that you will have fun and spend time with your loved ones during this year-end and New Year holidays.

See you next month!