Coffee Break (Monthly Report) November 2023 issue

Marshall Elliott Ginsler Viner Exchange Coordinator

long-awaited autumn

Hello.This is Marshall Elliott Ginzler Viner from the International Lounge. It's finally the season when the trees start to change color, so how are you all doing?

Autumn has finally arrived and I'm very happy.Last month was warm and the trees were green, and since I've only spent fall in Canada, it didn't feel like fall at all. In my hometown of Toronto, Canada, there are many maple trees, and in the fall, the city is dyed in bright reds, yellows, and browns. I finally got to see the autumn leaves in Japan when I visited Tokyo at the beginning of November to enjoy Ramen Festa and other events.Komazawa Park and Yoyogi Park were crowded with students, families, and couples enjoying sports and meals.By the way, what are you all eating since autumn? Is it oden? I've been eating a lot of king king mushrooms, eggplants, and sweet potatoes lately. Because it's cheap and easy to use in stir-fries. In Canada, pumpkin pie and other "pumpkin spice" flavored foods appear on supermarket shelves and restaurant menus every fall.

Also, the temperature has dropped recently, and people walking around town are starting to say, "It's cold!"However, my honest opinion is that as long as you live in the Kanto region, you will never know the true meaning of "cold."Snow soaking into your shoes, opening the front door to find icicles forming in front of you, or waiting for a late bus on a night when the temperature is below -XNUMX degrees Celsius.As someone who grew up in Toronto, this is what I think of as "cold."However, everyone, please don't hold back and wear warm clothes to avoid catching a cold.

As a bonus, I'll include photos of the autumn leaves in Toronto and Sagamihara.
See you next month!