Event report (World Plaza ~Hong Kong edition~)

World Plaza ~Hong Kong Edition~

"World Plaza" was held at the Onokita Community Center on Sunday, April 21st.
This time, we will be introducing Hong Kong, which is known as the Pearl of the East, the world's major financial center, and the city of gastronomy.

The speaker was Chan Chih-hsien, who is from Hong Kong and currently lives in Japan.
The main language in Hong Kong is Cantonese, and we all listened to the meanings of simple Cantonese words and practiced pronunciation. It was a lot of fun with everyone participating. Everyone was working hard and shouting loudly.

Cantonese has nine types of tones (voice intonation) (Mandarin has four types). When people in Hong Kong talk, their voices are so loud that you wonder if they're fighting.
 In addition to January 1st, there is a Lunar New Year in Hong Kong. When entering university, students must take a ``public examination.'' It seems to be a mark sheet format test. They also talked about the differences in lifestyle between Japan and Hong Kong.
 At the end, a question and answer session was held, and a lot of questions were asked and a fun time was had by all. Please join us at the upcoming "World Plaza". It is fun··!