Thinking about waste/Factory tour (International Salon mini) (2024.6.27 13:00-15:00)

Date and time:June 27, 2024 (Thursday) 13:00 (on-site gathering) to 15:00

place :Sagamihara City Midori Ward Kita Incineration Plant(About 15 minutes by bus from Hashimoto Station on the JR Yokohama Line)
(*Detailed information such as how to get to the factory and meeting place will be provided after you apply.)

Foreigners, how do we deal with the garbage generated in our daily lives?
Would you like to visit Midori Ward's facilities to see if they are being processed?
“Why do we separate (= separate) garbage?” “What happens when we separate garbage?”
Is there any benefit? ” Let's think about it together.
``If you separate it, it's a resource; if you mix it, it's garbage.'' Knowing this may change your life.
★There is an interpreter. Anyone can participate with confidence!

Target: Foreigners living in the city
Capacity: 20 people
Admission: Free
Application period: June 6th (Thursday) to June 20th (Thursday)
How to apply: Please submit the following information to Sagamihara International Lounge ( Please apply by email.
The email should include (1) that you are applying for "International Salon", (2) address (to ward), (3) name, (4) phone number, (5) nationality, (6) language available (interpreter). (necessary, unnecessary), please write.
Please see the flyer below for details.
Inquiry:Sagamihara International LoungeTEL: 042-750-4150

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