Free consultation for foreigners by an administrative scrivener (2024.7.13 1:00pm)

Date and time: 2024.7.13 (Sat) 1:00pm-4:00pm (Held on the afternoon of the 2nd Saturday of every month.)

place : Sagamihara International Lounge (Promity Fuchinobe Building 1st floor)

Administrative scriveners who are familiar with international business (residence status, etc.) will respond to consultations.Please apply to the lounge.
Who can consult: Foreigners and their supporters (volunteers)
What to bring: Please bring what you need for your consultation.
Capacity: 5 people
Admission: Free
Application period: 2024.6.10 (Monday) - 2024.7.12 (Friday)
How to apply: Apply directly at Sagamihara International Lounge or by phone.
Application and inquiries: Sagamihara International Lounge TEL: 042-750-4150