Let's all go to the library/community center! & Exchange meeting (International Salon) (2023.12.2 1:00pm)

Date and time: 2023.12.2 (Sat) 1:00pm-3:00pm

place :Sagamihara International Lounge (Promity Fuchinobe Building 1F),library, Ohno Kita Community Center

Foreign citizens, why not go to the library or community center near the lounge together?
If you are interested, please apply below and come to the lounge at 12:45.
We will also have a social gathering.
Let's talk a lot together♪
Target: Foreigners living in the city
Capacity: 20
Admission: Free
Application period: Until 2023.11.29 (Wednesday)
How to apply: Please apply by emailing the following information to Sagamihara International Lounge (sil@city.sagamihara.kanagawa.jp) during the application period above.
In the email, please write (1) that you are applying for "International Salon", (2) address (to ward), (3) name (furigana), (4) phone number, (5) nationality, and (6) languages ​​you can use (interpreter required or not). please.
Please see the flyer below for details.
Inquiry:Sagamihara International LoungeTEL: 042-750-4150

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