Sagamihara International Festival 2023 (2023.10.1 10:00am)

Date and time: 2023.10.1 (Sun) 10:00am-4:00pm

place :Sagamihara International Lounge (Promity Fuchinobe Building 1st floor), Onokita Community Center, Oberlin University Second International Dormitory

"Sagamihara International Exchange Festival 2023" will be held.
This year's theme is "Building a bridge to the world!"
There are many fun events that will help you understand and deepen your understanding of the cultures of each country, such as networking events, Japanese speech contests, songs and dances from around the world, exhibitions, food sales, and bazaars.
Please see the flyer below for details.
Inquiries: Sagamihara International Exchange Festival Executive Committee (Sagamihara International LoungeInside) TEL: 042-750-4150

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Sagamihara International Exchange Festival 2023 Program
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