Date and time: 2024.6.1 (Sat) - 2024.9.21 (Saturday) 10:00-12:00 (Every Saturday except 2024.7.27 and 2024.8.17, 15 times in total)

place : Sagamihara International Lounge (Promity Fuchinobe Building 1st floor)

Target: People who fall under (1) and (2) below
   (1) Beginner Japanese
    ・People who are studying Hiragana
    ・People who cannot understand Japanese used in everyday life
   (2) A person who falls under any of the following
    ・Live in the city
    ・Working in the city
    ・I attend school in the city
Admission: Free
Application period: We have reached capacity, so we are currently accepting applications on a waiting list.
How to apply: Please submit the following information to Sagamihara International Lounge ( Please apply by email.
In the email, write (1) that you are applying for the "Japanese Beginner Course", (2) name (furigana), (3) address, (4) phone number, (5) nationality, and (6) languages ​​you can speak. please.
Contact: Sagamihara International Lounge Phone: 042-750-4150
*If there is space, you can apply even after the course starts.

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